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Memory (RAM) Upgrades

Memory (RAM) Upgrades

Memory upgrades will allow your computer to run smoother when using and opening larger programs. You will be able to have multiple apps open at the same time.

Basically it will allow faster data processing.

If game play is your thing, you will need more RAM memory to run the power hungry games. 

We will assess your laptop or computer to see if it can take further memory and let you know the options available and pricing. Most computers and laptops including many apple mac's can be upgraded with more memory

Hard Disk Upgrades (SSD)

Hard Disk Drive Upgrades (HDD to SSD)

Upgrading your hard drive from the older spinning drives to solid state hard drives can give your computer or laptop a dramatic speed increase as they access data far quicker.

SSD's also give you faster start up (boot) times and better reliability due to not having any moving parts, which helps extend the life of your laptop or desktop.

Following installation of your new SSD drive, we will transfer all your current data from your existing hard drive.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop, Macbook & Notebook Screen Replacements

If you've dropped your laptop, cracked your screen we can replace this for you.

Simply let us know your laptop manufacturer and model number and we can let you know the price and availability.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

It can be fairly common for a laptop keyboard to fail, often due to sticky keys, keys falling off or becoming jammed in place.

There's nothing worse than trying to type with missing keys or a random keyboard issue.

We can replace most laptop and mac keyboards the same or next day, reducing your time without your laptop

Laptop Battery Replacement

LAptop Batteries

Whether you have an externally clipped in battery, as in the image above or you have a MacBook or newer Windows laptop with an internal battery - we can replace either of these for you.

Your MacBook batteries will have the information on how many 'cycles' your battery has completed in 'Power' within 'System Report' in 'About this Mac' which you can view by clicking the Apple logo top left of your screen.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Virus & Spyware Removal and CleanUp

Computer viruses, adware, spyware & malware can all have a huge effect on your computer or laptop, to the extent of not permitting you access to your own data.

We use multiple applications to make sure we detect and clean all viruses, spyware and malware from your system, making sure all threats are eliminated.

Data Recovery

Recover Your Data

Often when you think you've lost your important documents or precious images, they can still be on the hard drive and we can get access to recover them for you, as long as the hard drive is working.

So if your laptop or computer won't start up or has died, it may still be possible to access your data and back it up.

Windows & mac OS Support

Microsoft Windows & Apple mac OS Repairs

There can be many reasons your computer or mac operating system can need further investigation and a repair. Common problems with Windows 10 or 11 and macOS can be;

  • A freezing / hanging system
  • Computer Running Slow
  • Error Messages
  • Strange Noises
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
  • PC or Mac will not boot up (start up)
  • Overheating
  • Restarts on it's own

Windows & Mac Updates

It's very important to keep your computer's operating system up to date whether it's Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 or macOS. Amongst other reasons, Microsoft and Apple release security updates for their systems which can plug security risks so this alone makes it crucial to keep updated.

If you've had any problems updating or with your system, call us or send us a message here, so we can help you.

Speed Boost Healthcheck

Speed Boosting Healthcheck

Speed up your computer with a PC Health Check.

A Computer HealthCheck is designed to get the most out of your PC, return your computer or laptop to its most optimum speed and running smoothly. We diagnose any potential issues that could threaten the general stability and health of your system.

Multiple diagnostic and maintenance steps are carried out using diagnostic tools to help speed up your computer or laptop. 

  • Hard Drive Health Checks – check overall health of the hard drive and repair any corrupted files or folders.
  • Operating System Checks – ensuring your system update is working properly and whether the system is currently up to date with the latest updates and patches from Microsoft / Apple
  • Antivirus Software Check – ensure there is antivirus software on the system and it is working properly.
  • Full System Scans – check for virus, trojans, spyware and malware. With further checks using multiple scanners if necessary
  • Cleaning & Check Exterior Case – we thoroughly check and clean the physical computer case or laptop outer body & housings. This includes keyboard, mouse, touchpad and external moving parts.
  • We also make sure the computer and laptop cooling system is checked for dust and debris. Any DVD drives - connections are checked and cleaned if appropriate.
  • Core Software is checked ensuring it is up to date, make sure system services and running processes operate without problems, and start up programs are kept to a minimum for fastest boot times.
  • Windows performance tests – including the performance of Windows startup and shutdown. 
  • System Resource Checks - we will check how much usage and the availability of system memory, hard drive storage space and processing power under normal operating conditions.
  • Computer System Backup – we can assist, advise or complete a system backup and recovery of your data, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Performance Optimisation – as well as diagnostic and maintenance steps to optimise your laptop or computer, we will also remove any unwanted or unused software, upon your instructions.

We recommend a Full Heath Check be carried out every 6 months if you are a regular computer user. For less frequent users, this can be completed on a yearly basis

(Please note: some work may vary dependant on your computer specifications).

(This service is not the same as the Windows 11 PC Health Check App which is only designed to inform you if your computer can be upgraded to Windows 11)

Software Install & Help

Software Installations and Troubleshooting

If you require any software installing, we can do this for you, as well as diagnose and check for any issues, errors or problems you may be having with any software apps

Hardware Upgrade & Help

Hardware Upgrades, Installations & Troubleshooting

If you are looking to add further speed to your computer or laptop or allow you more resources, storage space or even higher quality graphics, we can check your system, requirements and advise what options are available to you.

We can install and troubleshoot your system hardware including processor (CPU), memory (RAM), hard drives, including upgrades to Solid State Drives (SSD), power supplies, WiFi cards and motherboards.

Let us know if you need assistance with peripherals like setting up printers, scanners or any other device including linking your mobile phone with your computer, laptop or device.

Custom Built PC's

Custom Built Computers & Laptops

We can build your tailored PC computer or laptop to your exact needs and specifications. Get in touch for further details and quotes.

Training & Education

Computer Training & Education Services

If you would like to learn more about using your computer, tablet, laptop or the internet, we can help you, in a friendly, straight forward, non tech way.

We understand that technology can be quite overwhelming, so if you want to know about finding information online, using social media, writing letters and using office software, we can tailor your learning needs appropriately and at your own pace.

We can assist with setting up your household bills, planning & booking holidays or shopping on the internet, as well as keeping backups of your information like your family photos.

If you have just bought a computer and need help with setting it up contact us today, we welcome beginners.

Rose Goldthorp
Rose Goldthorp
17 August 2023
Great experience, got my laptop fixed , I have no complaints 😊
Allan Burdis
Allan Burdis
14 August 2023
Steve arranged to collect my laptop and arrived exactly on time arranged. He repaired it in good time and delivered it back to me. He also came back to solve another issue I had at no extra cost. I would certainly recommend them.
Repair Cafe Weymouth
Repair Cafe Weymouth
13 August 2023
Great service, Steve stayed in touch throughout our dealings, sorted out my quibbles, directed me to the website. Great price, collected and delivered. Shame he’s not a volunteer with RCW
Danny Bumstead
Danny Bumstead
13 August 2023
Great service would highly recommend
Maureen Reed
Maureen Reed
13 August 2023
Well recommended, Steve called at my home and successfully sorted out problems I was having with my pc. I found him to be friendly and very helpful and will no doubt need his assistance in the future.
Corin Hobbs
Corin Hobbs
12 August 2023
My computer had been failing to connect and stay connected to the Internet. Steve came to my home and fixed it in half an hour. It's running perfectly again and I couldn't be happier.
Adam Davidson
Adam Davidson
12 August 2023
Friendly service, knowledgeable guy. Took a couple of attempts to fix our issue but good communication throughout and the end result was great. Will use again.
Trinidad Catalan
Trinidad Catalan
13 May 2023
Great service. Strongly recommend!
Yusuf Hınıslı
Yusuf Hınıslı
27 April 2023
Professional and producing solutions whatever you want is definitely my high recommendation
justyna sienkiewicz
justyna sienkiewicz
23 April 2023
I am very thankful to Steve for fixing my laptop.He took care of my laptop very well and it works perfectly now.I definitely recommend him if you have any issues and need help.

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